One of the most enjoyable works is from a young Swede called Jan Cardell, who has made something of a name for himself as a creator of kenetic sculptures that make music. "Grass Orchestra" is fashioned from clusters of slender copper rods, tipped with what look like arrow heads, witch rise up in shivery clumps like stand of bulrushes-or, to invoke a tad of Sctottishness here, clumps of thistles. Activate a floor pedal and they begin to rub against each other, rustling and thrumbling together, thythmically, a littke like the distant sound of pipes and drums. Cardell had been listening to production noise in the destilerys industrial workshops.

Michael Glover, The Indipendant 2011

Jan Cardell made a work called Grass Orchestra, a delicate sculpture of metal grass stems whitch vibrate and hudder like grass in in the wind, playing out subtle repeating rhythms. It's a response to the natural world with a little magic added, a pleasure to watch

Susan Mansfield, The Scotsman 2011