20 percussion instruments, Electric Bass (17 tones) , String instrument (20 tones) with hurdy-gurdy function, Organ (63 tones), 3 Ambient 1-stringed instruments. The orchestra is played interactively by microcontrollers, control panels small camera and lightropes .
DMX controled lighting

Live concert/Exhibition at Hultsfred, Sweden 2011. The Orchestra was placed in an old shooting range.

Studio recording by Ola Paulsson 2012

Hultsfred 2011, hurdy-gurdy and percussion instruments

Hultsfred 2011



Hurdi gurdi bumble

Music and talking about the orchestra

Sometimes people don't like the orchestra!

PERCUSSION INSTRUMENTS. Papier-mâché cocoons, cymbals and other instruments. The beat is produced by the flow of electric current in an electric magnet. The instruments are controlled by microcontroller and telegraph key.

MECHANICAL ORGAN. The Inside of an old pump organ is combined with a motor driven sled with 24 mechanical arms. This mechanism can be moved by a motor and microcontroller to play all of the organs 64 tones.

PANELS FOR CONTROLLING THE MUSIC AND ORCHESTRA. The big one is the main controller and sequencer. The small one controls the use of different instruments, ton instruments by cmu-cam and percussion instruments by telegraph key

BASS. Electrical bass string (E), 17 mechanical arms and a small coil used as microphone